l'arcipelago del Parco di Portovenere, Tinetto, Tino e Isola Palmaria.

Our company founded in 2004 , brings together the experiences of the Boatmen of Portovenere that have been operating in the area for over 50 years.

The modern corporate structure and the continued enhancement of our fleet combined with our experience in passenger transport services allow us to offer to the most demanding customers a unique expenrience.In specific, the opportunity to visit Portovenere and its islands , the 5 Terre and the coast linking the Regional Park of Portovenere with the National Park of 5 Terre with a totally personalized service tailored to the needs of the customer.

Passengers can depart from different boarding points, such as Portovenere (our operating base), La Spezia,  Lerici or others.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us, our staff will happy to help you at any time.

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